Friday, November 15, 2013

Lost in Life, even deeper

Persuading targets, achievements, goals,

Forgetting your favorite songs,

Passing the beaches at dawn and dark,

Ignoring your childhood heart beat,

Without knowing the 'dot' of Life...

Tie around the collar,

Rolex around wrist,

Filtering sun on eyes,

In side Mercedes,

A Life, moves fast... Leaving "The Life"  apart

Smile, A heartiest smile all need, When was the last?

Kiss, A gentle kiss she deserves, When was the last?

Call, Her Son's call she is waiting for, When was the last?

Word, The "Love" what family needs,  When was the last?

Life, A Living life among lost soles, When was the last?

Leave the bars behind, come out,

Breath till the heart beats fast,

Scream loud & dance with the waves till sun goes down,

Show the happiness of being you, letting YOU out of you,

Life goes on... moves on... Let it be always ON...

Lost in Life, even deeper with the real YOU.

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