Saturday, October 31, 2009

Knowledge Management for Today's Business

Knowledge is something every one needs to gain during various ages of their lifes. Manageing this knowledge efficiency is something that bigger companies pay less attention. Suppose you are working in a big softweare company. A new comer or rather a recruit comes and ask from you How to download a suitable plug in for Hibernate. You play a role in management side and you are unable to give a direct answer to that question.

When such a problem occurs, it is better if you can guide him to the relevant place or to the relevant person. To do so, your company should have a good Knowledge Management system which is available for every one to access. Some kind of a on-line repository will lead developing team to share their knowledge with each others and keep in touch with the project constantly.

But this sharing knowledge should be managed properly. To pace with the competitive, fast changing technology, sharing and managing knowledge is one of the core factors that every one should concern.