Saturday, January 8, 2011

MCrazies : Keep in touch with your favourite movie theaters

MCrazies simply implies the shortened name of Movie Crazies which is a simple sms mobile application can be used to get movie details of your favorite movie theater/s purposely developed for movie crazies :). It was developed as an appzone application of Etizalat. In detailed this application provides information about on going movies in famous theaters. In some urgent situations browsing through the internet to get information on the on going movies in theaters becomes so irritate. But getting those information by sending a simple SMS sounds more easier and simpler. You don't have to spend time surfing the internet or calling friends to get these information anymore! Just type
mcraz SPACE <name of theater 1> SPACE <name of theater 2> and send to 4499 from your Etisalat phone.
Here, name of theater 2 is optional. If user wants to get details of on going movies in more than one theater, then it is possible to type several theater names by leaving a space in between each theater name (case insensitive). User will get a SMS in return with the corresponding results for his SMS.

At the moment mcraz supports eleven movie theatres including Majestic City - Bambalapitiya, Savoy1 & Savoy2 - Wallawatta, Liberty - Kollupitiya, Sigiri - Katugasthota, Ricky1 - Colombo, Eros - Wallawatta, Arena - Katugastota, Regal - Colombo, Concord - Dehiwala, Cinemax - Ja-Ela and Quinlon - Nugegoda. Here User does not need to type the location of the theater and even the exact name of the theater. Application can tackle with validity of names up to some extent like by typing mc or majestic or majesticcity or majesticsity will be considered as Majestic City and reply to the user accordingly. So do not be hesitate to use MCrazies if you are a person who wants to absorb the real enthusiasm of watching a good movie by sitting in a quality theater as soon as you was asked to or you feel to do so :).

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