Saturday, August 14, 2010

Sustainable Development #Energy

Today world is facing several critical problems that even the modern technology has also failed to answer perfectly. Growing population of the earth, water and air pollution, running out of fossil fuel etc. But among those most recently discussed aspects were CO2 emission and effects cause to living beans of the earth because of it. We all know co2 emission to the atmosphere increased so rapidly after the industrialization in early 70s. Since then everybody talks about it. but no one cares to take strict actions without hesitations at all.

When it comes to a country like us, of course we have several fall backs and humps towards to the ward sustainable. If I ask what is the key advantage that we have as Sri Lankan's is our position in Asian ocean. We have learnt of it heard of it since our child hoods. But literally doubts are there whether our leaders know that well when we peer in to the actions they should have decided years a go. Thing I want to focus is that we have ocean all around us. We are a tropical country. We have rain forests covering up considerable sand of our land. Wind & Sun rise is of course there. Our holy land is strength enough to grow bio crops too.

I am addressing these issues because in the sense of sustainability, We should give priority to efficient consumption of energy sources and adapt according to melting of those. That means now world is moving towards various kind of re new able energy sources rather than just staying with fossil fuels. One thing is for sure that if demand for the fossil fuel remains as now, there will be a potential risk of world to be in dark. More than 80% of our energy consumption is depending on fuel and one of the coal power station is developing to add up with it. We cant afford for nuclear power plants too. Scientists have found out and even manufactured vehicles those work on re new able energy sources like solar power, wind and even in bio crops like sugar cane. Some local people also have done researches and found out nature friendly vehicles and electronic devices. These innovative and talented creations should have been applied to development process of the country through good hands practically.

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