Saturday, September 5, 2009

Certainity of Love :: is a matter of doubt

Even in my dreams..
I never saw the darkness of my life
Before U, i never saw the world...

U gave me ur smile,
U saw me to be releaf,

I could n't see how my life changed being with U...
i didn't want to hide it
i kissed u,
i kissed u again and ....again

U gave me feelings for u
i coud n't get out of it

we didn't want to talk,
u read my eyes and i read urs,
i nerver wanted to tell
I Love U beacause we Loved US,
Once i touched ur heart and u touched mine...

every thing ended without sayin good BYE!!!
I'm sorry...
I still live in the world u saw me!!!


kanishka© said...

Mmmm.........too bad.....What to do.

Anushi said...

me lov this :)