Friday, August 21, 2009

Human cast

Human means an animal. But a kind of special animal among other animals. How this Human has become so special among others. This is a matter to be discussed deeply. If you are a human, you might think why you are reading this or rather standing in front of your computer like this without fighting with other animals to survive. You also might be between the animals if your early man kind did not have any feelings for new inventions or rather a compassion for standing upon with each other. Some how They have achieved their goals and so you have been able to spend a much more comfortable life in comparison with your own neighbours(animals) in early ages.

Some says that inventing of the tyre is the key point. But some says inventing the flame made human to cast so rapidly among the other kind of species. Capability of grabing a thing from fingers made human casting so fast is some one else's idea.
Human can use their brain up to twenty present is another concept. Feeling things like love, compassion, anger more sensitively than the other species is another intention. One can argue on these for days. But no one can tell exactly which is the most closer reason to be like this.

What ever the reason may be, one thing can be expressed for sure that this rapid development of humans has become the greatest destruction of not only the human kind but hole earth also. So This human should be responsible for the lost of every animals of this planet day by day.

We have developed. But we are not civilised.


Indunil Moremada said...

human can make this world better as well as destroy.

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Aslam said...

Is this the biggest problem now.
අනේ පලයන් බං යන්න
ඕචචර බොරු කියන්න එපා